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About Us

Every day, businesses create, innovate, adapt, build, and imagine. At Globus Bank, our seasoned bankers are available to facilitate this growth.

We have the expertise to match your vision and passion to help you take your business to the next level. We are driven by innovation to develop customized solutions for your business needs.

Business Sectors

Industry Expertise

Trading and General Commerce

At Globus, specialized Knowledge expert opinions maned by dedicated Knowledge experts from the industry have been put in place to spearhead our knowledge focus on this, with the sole aim of providing invaluable and in-depth insights into your business, thus helping you to develop great ideas and nurture them to fruition

Food and Beverages

Changing regulations, Trade flows, Supply chain management, Capital investments, Equipment maintenance and upgrades are some of the challenges impacting businesses in the Food and Beverage sector.


The telecommunication sector is the largest segment of the Information and Communication sector, covering one of the largest markets in Africa. At Globus Bank, we provide the highest product excellence as well as quality financial advice backed by extensive local market knowledge that enables us develop seasoned relationships with all stakeholders in the country.

Oil and Gas

For our clients, who seek to capitalize on portfolio-enhancing strategies, we offer a global risk-management approach, creating top-notch market-making and structured transactions that use forward-thinking products and services. We offer a superior value proposition, deliver differentiated client experiences and maintain a reputation for excellence and integrity that spans everything we do


Leverage the power of Globus Bank with customized financing solutions through partnerships with treasury, credit solutions and investment banking to help you achieve your daily operational and long-term growth objectives.

We’re invested in the long-term success of our clients. Our "one banker, one team, one firm" approach helps you manage everything from daily operations to realizing your global ambitions.

Financial Institution

Fast-track payments and collection processes while keeping the focus on simplified premium and all revenue collections. Our solutions complement your existing revenue cycle system while delivering remittance posting and reconciliation efficiencies for insurance and clients


Our manufacturing banking group provides the insights, hands-on service, comprehensive financial solutions and unrivaled certainty of execution you need to be successful throughout market and cycles

Aviation and Logistics

Whether you want to boost the efficiency of your day-to-day operations, improve and manage the collection processes or you need a one stop shop exciting experience for your customers across industry, Globus provides a platform managed by Relationship specialists who ensures an endearing customer experience whilst support your growth objectives.

Public Sector

Fast-track payments process while keeping the focus on simplified revenue collections. Our solutions complement your existing revenue cycle system while delivering remittance posting and reconciliation efficiencies for Government receivables.

Healthcare and Household Utilities

We deliver a fresh perspective on healthcare financial solutions, focusing on receivables, payments and lending. We bring innovative banking technology and best practices to the healthcare industry. Our solutions help providers streamline financial processes, optimize revenue and payments, and improve cash flow as well as collections.


Whether you need a line of credit to manage seasonal operating and capital investment cycles, a term loan to help fund an expansion, or equipment financing to acquire or lease equipment, we offer a complete range of financing solutions.

Our dedicated Agribusiness relationship managers provide the experience, industry knowledge and dedicated support to customize financing solutions that best fit your business


Products and Services

Working Capital Finance

The goals of any business includes but are not limited to improving working capital to gain more control over cash flows thereby ensure self-fund growth, reduce debt, expand your business reach. At Globus, we will help manage your cash and trade flows more efficiently professionally.

Project and Structured Finance

As a customer, you deserve a few extra congratulations for expanding your business. But when you have growing pains, remember that we have products and services designed to help enterprises of all sizes.

Bonds and Guarantees

Conduct your business operations with an assurance with Globus Bank backing you across frontiers where you lack established relationships. At Globus, we offer this service in a manner that gives competitive advantage against others.

Value Chain Finance

As global ecosystems stretch across the globe with multinational buyers on one side and a diverse group of suppliers in numerous countries on the other, corporations are under pressure to unlock the working capital trapped in their supply chains.

Globus Bank provides customized financing solutions and services that enables you as customer strengthen your financial effectiveness of the supply chain as well as relationship with your associates.

Cash Management

Our aim is to simplify revenue collection, improve financial efficiency and reduce expenses while determining your cash position. We manage the corporate’s supply chain and cash flow via technological investments, thereby ensuring stability across your organization.



Money Market Deposits

    These are cash placement with banks for a set period of time. It could be in the following form:
  • Overnight deposit
  • Call deposit
  • Tenured deposit
  • It is interest earning
  • Interest earned is tax-exempt
  • Premature liquidation attracts penalty
  • It offers higher interest rates
  • It is highly liquid
  • It can be used as collateral

Treasury Bills

It is a short-term debt instruments issued by the Federal Government through the Central Bank to provide short term funding for the government.

  • It is backed by the full faith and credit of the Federal Government of Nigeria
  • It is issued at a discount and redeemed at face value (par)
  • It is issued for tenors of 91 days, 182 days and 364 days at the primary market auction held fortnightly by CBN. Other tenors are available in the secondary market
  • It is risk-free
  • It is a highly liquid instrument and can be used as collateral for loans
  • The interest earned is tax-exempt


Bonds are long term debt instrument issued by corporates and governments to raise funds for capital projects.

  • It is issued at Par, Discount or Premium
  • It is a tradable security
  • It is usually listed on the stock exchange
  • It provides fixed or floating coupon rates
  • It is highly liquid and can be used as collateral for loans
  • Government bonds are tax-exempt
  • Government bonds are risk-free
  • Returns are usually higher than inflation
  • It provides multiple sources of income (Coupon is paid twice a year)

Commercial Papers

Bonds are long term debt instrument issued by corporates and governments to raise funds for capital projects.

  • It is a discount instrument
  • Interest earned is taxable
  • It usually offers higher yields than treasury bills because of credit risk premium

Payments & Transfers

Global Trade

At Globus Bank, our trade services can make it easier, more efficient and less risky for you to transact business internationally. From issuance of simple letters of credit to complex trade finance solutions, we offer the security, trust and guidance you would expect from an industry leader.

International Funds Transfer

Gain more control over cash inflows and outflows by partnering with a bank uniquely positioned to connect your business to finance and investment markets, locally and across the globe. Globus Bank is poised to position you across frontiers to gather wider and seamless business operation.

Customized solutions for your business needs.

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