Whistle Blowing Matters
The Board and Management of Globus Bank remain committed to the principle of sound corporate governance and behaviour as enunciated in the CBN Code of Corporate Governance for Banks and Other Financial Institutions in Nigeria. One of the several ways a breach of regulatory requirements and staff misconduct can be addressed is through a whistleblowing programme. As such, the whistle‐blowing policy and procedures of the Bank are designed to encourage stakeholders to bring unethical conduct and illegal violations to the attention of an internal and or external authority so that action can be taken to resolve the problem...

As a matter of policy, whistle‐blowing is encouraged within the Bank at every stakeholder level.

Any of the following matters against the Bank or its officers can be brought up for investigation:

  • All forms of financial malpractices and impropriety or fraud;
  • Improper conduct or unethical behavior;
  • Any form of criminal activity;
  • Failure to comply with regulatory directive, legal obligations or statutes;
  • Rendition of false returns;
  • Falsification of records;
  • Forgery (use of false certificates, false declaration of age, etc) ;
  • Actions detrimental to Health and Safety or the environment.
  • Commission of offence by officers/staff;
  • Obstruction of internal/external regulators & auditors;
  • Leakage of confidential data;
  • Bribery and corruption;
  • Abuse of authority;
  • Sexual harassment;
  • Insider Abuse;
  • Non-disclosure of interest;
  • Connected transactions;
  • Concealment (including attempted concealment) of any malpractice;
  • Other forms of corporate governance breaches.

  Whistle Blowing Form

To report any case of misconduct, please send a mail to [email protected] or fill the following form.

We will keep your details in confidence.